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Alex Stenback

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Alex Stenback wants to live in a world where relationships always come first, doing it right is always more important than simply getting it done, and good coffee is always at hand. So while he can’t control the coffee market, building strong relationships and doing the right thing are the core principles that inform his business and set him apart as a mortgage banker.

And with 16 years of experience, Alex has earned a reputation as a great communicator who simply gets the job done better, smarter, and faster than just about anyone in his field.

He has been quoted on mortgage and real estate topics in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and other outlets. You might also hear him on Minnesota Public Radio, WCCO, and occasionally other local and national broadcasts.

When not making home loans, or thinking about making home loans, you’ll likely find Alex at home with his wife and two boys, in the gym, or in a field somewhere.

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It’s our commitment to you to close according to the terms of our approval letter, or we will pay $20,000 to the seller — which can really stand out when it comes to putting in an offer.

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