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Over 40 years of combined experience. Pat Gleason and Bob Austin ensure clients can always get answers quickly and that every detail is attended to. Pat and Bob have earned an exceptional reputation in the real estate community, which means their approval letters have tremendous credence.

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$20,000 Guarantee


When you put your trust in Alerus, we work to make your loan process seamless and your move stress-free. Your loan will be clear to close in 20 days from your application date, and it’s our commitment to close according to the terms of our approval letter, or we’ll pay $20,000* to the seller – which can really stand out when it comes to putting in an offer.

This offer is only available in some Minnesota counties, see disclosure below for more information.

Is now the right time to refinance your home?

Refinancing can help you lower your payment, consolidate higher-interest debt or even shorten your term. Let’s talk and see if refinancing could be the right option for you.

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