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Creating Office Efficiencies with HR Tech

When a business hits a certain size, it often will bring on dedicated human resources specialists. But even then, these specialists often need to spend a lot of time managing systems and babysitting data, instead of focusing on areas where they can do the most good.

HR solutions, however, help businesses automate more of the base functions, allowing HR professionals to focus on higher-order work. Called Human Resources Information Systems (or HRIS), this technology has been available for large enterprises for some time, but now new user-friendly and scalable versions can make sense for businesses with just a few dozen employees. So how could HRIS help your business?

Many times, businesses don’t recognize that the need they perceive is rooted in something more fundamental. At Alerus, our business advisors are often asked about retirement or health plans that are easier to use, when the real need is for a system like HRIS that by its very design solves their pain points. Now that HRIS solutions are turnkey enough to fit even smaller organizations, it’s the right time to contact Alerus and learn if our HRIS is right for your business.